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    More Information About The Feliami


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    More Information About The Feliami

    Post by jyuchii on Tue Oct 25, 2016 12:38 am

    Feliami are people with cat ears and tails. Similar to popular japanese anime/manga art's "nekomimi", "nekojin" and "neko". 

    The feliami's features can vary due to race, region, etc.
    For instance, Skyuria's native "purebred" feliami tend to have long, tall ears accompanied by a long skinny tail with a tuff at the end much like a lion. Their fur/hair colors can vary from blonde to pure white hair.

    Oprana's native feliami can vary from tiger features, to leopard, jaguar and jungle cat features. However it's common to see those with normal cat ears as well. They also can be certain asian cat breads as well. Their facial features and skin look like those of 'South/East Asian Descent" and even "India" descent.

    Uwhary feliami can range from fluffy tails and ears to snow leopard ears/tails to even lynx features. Their hair/fur tones are usually a variety of browns and dark blondes, however white is known for those who are snow leopard.

    Iutra natives can have any kind of african cat features like lions, cheetahs. leopards to servals and other african cats. Most of them have varied dark skin tones and african hair however there is those that have 'Middle Eastern' facial features and skin tones as well.

    Ulfryae natives tend to be pale much like Skyurian's however their ears and tails can be a variety of different things. Their ears are usually large and their tails can be long and skinny to fluffy and long-haired. Their facial features usually include dark circles around the eyes.

    Egrijan natives can be a variety of normal cat breeds as well as the Sutrians. However a lot of feliami in Egrijan are known to have red hair. Some may have the features of mountain lions/cougars.

    Inspirational Pictures For Creating Characters:

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    It is up to Casenia users to think of what a mix-race/breed would look like and we encourage you to be creative.


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