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    About The Country Of Oprana


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    About The Country Of Oprana

    Post by jyuchii on Mon Oct 24, 2016 7:52 pm

    All alone on their continent, the Feliami of the tropical country of Oprana are rather isolated however that does not stop them from being updated along with the rest of the world. They are known to trade with other countries the things they are famous for (which is many medicinal plants and herbs that cannot be found anywhere else). Their country is full of jungles and tropical areas.
    Their villages mostly consist of strongly-built huts and houses that rest alongside the jungles of their country. 
    If they could compare the main features and style to people on Earth, it would be that of people in Eastern Asia (from India and onward to the east). Their skin tones can vary, and some are known to have the ears and tail of tigers and leopards. However ts common to have round-ish ears and long tails as well.

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