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    About The Country Of Sutria


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    About The Country Of Sutria

    Post by jyuchii on Mon Oct 24, 2016 7:44 pm

    The people of Sutria are known as friendly and inviting. Also originally known as a forest tribe, a lot of villages have both huts and houses in the trees as well as on the ground. They are expert fishers, using their abilities to both make tools as well as grab fish with their own hands out of the water. They have a large swamp that is for the most part inhabitable. The area is mostly famous for the large river that travels through one end of the continent to a large lake and their spirit cave. 

    The spirit cave is their version of a main temple, which all the other countries have for each different religion. It is a cave hidden in a beautiful part of the forest and when one walks inside, it is almost like there are stars on the cieling. The cave holds magical glowing crystals, each for a soul that has passed on into the afterlife. Many go there to pray and look for guidance.

     The more northern parts of the country are snowy. 
    Their clothing is rather casual (most of them wear light clothing, most natives only wear tops in the winter or when it’s winter or fall). They have a tradition of getting tattoos, usually tattoos that represent their family or something in their life. Their appearance can change due to reproduction with other Feliami, so their hair and skin tone can vary.

    The area is also known for it’s magic pond, a large pond near the border that can hold healing and tranquil abilities. It’s known to light up during the night as if there was stars in the bottom of it.

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