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    Roleplaying On Casenia


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    Roleplaying On Casenia

    Post by jyuchii on Mon Oct 24, 2016 4:55 pm

    An excerpt from the Book Of Casenia;

    Our small world of Casenia is made up of seven different countries, all that had been merely tribes in the beginning. 
    From the snowy mountains of Uwhary to the hot plains and desert of Iutra, the climate of Casenia is vast. Each region has unique wildlife along with the Feliami inhabitants that live there. Each has their own religion that has been there from the ancient times as well as their own cultures and values.
    Each tribe is made up of many different smaller tribes and communities (each with their own leader and sometimes sub-leader) though the entire tribe itself usually has a capital city and palace where a leader of the entire country and their family resides.

    Casenia is a medieval-fantasy fictional species roleplay.

    Here at Casenia, we encourage roleplayers of all levels to join our community. From roleplayers who are trying to better their skills or those who are looking to make other roleplaying friends. 

    To start roleplaying on Casenia, you will need to sign up and create a character application in the application forum. You can have as many characters as you would like, however be mindful to not get too overwhelmed!

    After your application is finished and approved, you may begin to roleplay in the world areas! Casenia is made up of seven countries and your character (no matter what country they are from) can visit anywhere. To start a roleplay in an area, create a topic.

    Your original topic post should include your roleplay starter as well as a small description and setting of where your roleplay takes place. (Such as a town, forest, etc..)

    If you have made plans to start a roleplay with just one other person, or two, please indicate in both your topic name and post which users you are going to roleplay with so others won't but in or interrupt your roleplay.

    Lengthy posts are encouraged however not required, however your posts must be somewhat literate. As in, full sentances and not just asterisks (*) or hyphens (-) to indicate actions. Write it as if you are writing a story. First person or third person is recommended. 

    For information about each country before creating a character, there is a topic in each Capital City forum with a small description. 
    There is seven countries to choose from: (with links)

    Creating A Village
    As you may have noticed, there are many different areas of Casenia you can roleplay in. In all of the "Outer Villages" areas you have the option to create a village of your own to start a roleplay in or join someone elses. 

    To roleplay in and create a village, you should make a post describing your village's setting and key features before making your starter roleplay post. 

    You are free to have one of your character's become the leader of your own village, or you can wait or ask for another to become one. However it's not required and you're free to just have an "NPC" just be your leader. 

    Leader's of villages may have a deputy, which is like a Co-Leader. Once again you should ask the leader/original creator of a village to become a deputy. 

    If there is an existing village you see there is no leader to and you're interested in becoming it's leader, please ask the creator of the village!

    If you are going to roleplay as a village leader, there is a chance you may be asked to be a moderator, however this is rare. 

    Since the "Outer Villages" areas can also include surrounding forests, rivers, other settings, you don't need to create a village to create a roleplay. You may start a roleplay in a different setting of your choice.

    However if your character is not from, for example, Sutria, you may not create a village with them. You can feel free to create a Sutria character though.

    Name Generators:

    Other Areas
    Temples and other landmarks of each country are free rein for creating new roleplays. We encourage you to come up with something!

    Remember, characters of other countries may visit other countries as well and are free to create roleplays in other country's areas.

    R-18/18+ Roleplay
    18+ roleplay is allowed on Casenia. Only those who are 18+ can create and participate in them, however. 
    If we catch you participating or creating a roleplay that is R-18 with you being underage, your topic will be removed and you will get a warning.
    This is for the safety of all our users. When creating an 18+ only roleplay, please indicate it in the topic's title.

    If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to respond to this topic!

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