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    Selrach Av'lis


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    Selrach Av'lis

    Post by Charlesilv4 on Sat Nov 11, 2017 8:43 am

    Selrach Av'lis

    Basic Information

    Preferred Name: Selrach

    Age: 20

    Date of Birth: 20/01

    Nationality: Ulfryae

    Gender: Male

    Sexuality: Depends

    Occupation: Unemployed


    Appeared Age: He looks a few years younger than his true age.

    Height: 5 ft 10, 178 cm

    Weight: 58kg

    Build: Skinny

    Skin Color: Yellow

    Eye Color: Black

    Hair Style: Close-cropped

    Hair Color: Black

    Fashion: Mostly dark colored clothes that could blend well in shadows and low lighted enviroments, a fashion wich he inherited from living in the caves of Ulfryae. A black wool shirt , dark brown wool pants, a black leather pair of boots, some leather straps across his torso coming from the pouches and bags wich he carried, a black wool cloak and he wears a bandana on his head from time to time.

    Cat Ear Type: Rounded

    Tail Type: Tailless

    Optional Image:


    Personality description: A observant and curious person that thinks a lot and likes to be immersed in books.

    Abilities and Powers: He can easily go unnoticed by those that dont take direct interest on him, can decently throw knifes

    Equipment: A leather backpack wich contains historical books a few flint&steel for firemaking, a rope
    , hatchet, knife on his waist, two leather pouches around his torso wich he carries bottles and food, small leather pouches over his torso and waist wich he carries small knives, a hunting knife wich he keeps on his boot, a fairly decent amount of money to cover his expenses.


    Brief Biography: Selrach travel's around the world doing some jobs along the way, after his mother died he was only left with his father wich he never realy got along with so he just left his home as it didnt feel like a home to him anymore to look for better oportunities for his life.

    Friends: A few acquaintances back home and on some cities.

    Family: A father in Ulfryae

    Enemies: N/a

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