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    The Town Of Sharan [Base Village - OPEN RP]


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    The Town Of Sharan [Base Village - OPEN RP]

    Post by jyuchii on Fri Oct 13, 2017 12:23 pm

    In the middle of the dessert of Iutra, lies a small oasis village. In the middle of a village is a large fresh-water pond where most of the residents get their drinking water. Around is a busseling trade-village filled with feliami. There is a market on the east side of a town, which specializes in unique fruits and vegtables, as well as fancy jewlery and piercings. A little ways away from the market is a popular tavern, where feliami from all over come to stay, drink, and have fun. 

    (I am creating this village as a base village. This first post is open for anyone to reply and start a roleplay in, since I have no character quite yet for this setting. Please feel free to reply and start an RP! If you have ideas for other types of villages but have no characters for them, please let me know.)


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