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    Cassius the spellsword mercenary


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    Cassius the spellsword mercenary

    Post by Cassius on Mon Nov 21, 2016 7:36 pm


    Basic Information

    Preferred Name: Cassius

    Age: 20

    Date of Birth: 12/28

    Nationality: Sutria

    Gender: Male

    Sexuality: straight

    Occupation: Mercenary


    Appeared Age: 20

    Height: 5'10"

    Weight: 180lbs

    Build: Athletic

    Skin Color: Caucasian

    Eye Color: blue

    Hair Style: a bit shaggy

    Hair Color: dirty blonde

    Fashion: leather armor and red cape

    Cat Ear Type: leopard

    Tail Type: leopard

    Tattoos: Dragon Wings on his back


    Personality description: curious, analytical, determined, fierce, loyal, courageous

    Abilities and Powers
    Eldritch Knight: Cassius channels his magic into his muscles and sword blade, making him faster, stronger, and his sword cut deeper
    Ray of Frost: Cassius shoots a beam of magic ice at his enemy. The beam damages its target and slowly freezes them at the same time.
    Fire Bolt: Cassius shoots a basketball sized ball of fire at his target, possible setting it on fire
    Magic Missile: Cassius summons three rods of purple energy, then sends them flying at his enemy/ies
    Witch Bolt: Cassius sends a beam of purple and black energy at his enemy, electrocuting them. Cassius can sustain the beam for as long as he likes, but once it stops he must use another spell slot to do it again
    shield: Cassius summons a magic barrier to protect him from all harm
    Equipment: Long sword, steel shield, leather armor (chest, back, gauntlets, and grieves)

    Miscellaneous: a small dragon pendant that he wears around his neck

    Brief Biography: Cassius grew up on the streets of Sutria, with no parents or relatives of any kind that he could remember. He made a living through pugilism (fighting), and gained a limited education through reading, adventure stories mostly, with books on basic swordsmanship on the side. One day, Cassius had a fateful encounter with a master mage named Madara. The two talked for a bit and after a while Madara came to like Cassius. He took him in and trained him in the ways of magic and gave him a complete education, including teaching him things about the magical world. With all this change though, one thing from his past still lingers. When he was a boy, reading his books, he came to idolize the main character of the stories, the knight-in-shining-armor type who would do anything for his friends and never give up no matter what the odds. He liked this kind of personality so much that he emulated it in himself, and now wants to be a Knight. At the moment though, he is a mercenary, taking jobs that do not conflict with his moral code, stopping those that do and adventuring all over the place, never staying in one place if he does not have business there.

    Friends: none yet

    Family: non that he is aware of

    Enemies:  several, being a hero type, Cassius has slain several bandits and necromancers who were trying to gain power through hurting innocent people.

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