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    Dai Lunari


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    Dai Lunari

    Post by jyuchii on Mon Oct 24, 2016 10:13 pm

    Dai Lunari

    Basic Information 

    Preferred Name:  Dai

    Age: 23

    Date of Birth: ?

    Nationality: Skyurian

    Gender: Male

    Sexuality: Nothing in particular. 

    Occupation: A herbalist assistant.


    Appeared Age: He kind of looks like a teenager.

    Height: 5"4

    Weight: 130 lbs

    Build: Lean and thin, almost feminine.

    Skin Color: Very pale.

    Eye Color: A milky light blue.

    Hair Style: His hair is parted down the middle and barely reaches his shoulders. It's cut in a short shaggy bob-style.

    Hair Color: Pure white.

    Fashion: He dresses in a lot of pastels which is common for Skyurian's. He tends to wear tunics a lot and dark boots. He usually has some interesting earings adorning his long ears as well as a few ornaments on his tail.

    Cat Ear Type: Long and pointed.

    Tail Type: A typical Skyurian tail, very long with a tuff of fur on the end.

    Tattoos: He has a small star-shaped tattoo on his lower back.

    Optional Image: (refer to profile picture)


    Personality description: Quite deadpan and stoic. Though sometimes he does crack a joke. Sometimes he even shows more expression to those who he is comfortable with. He talks mostly in a deadpan voice.

    Abilities and Powers:

    Dai is blind, however he is a expceptional herbalist and is able to identify herbs just by smell and texture.


    He carries around a small herbalist book with him, written in a braille-like language he can understand.


    Brief Biography: He moved to the capital city of Skyuria from a small town out on the island. Now he works in a small herb shop along with a mentor who teaches him.

    Friends: Doesn't really have any.. yet.

    Family: He has an older sister though she is the only one of his family who is alive.

    Enemies:  None

    Posts : 29
    Join date : 2016-10-24
    Age : 23
    Location : Canada

    Re: Dai Lunari

    Post by jyuchii on Mon Oct 24, 2016 10:15 pm

    Feel free to use my description and form as a base or inspiration.


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