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    About The Country Of Ulfryae


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    About The Country Of Ulfryae

    Post by jyuchii on Mon Oct 24, 2016 8:01 pm

    Not much is known of the cave country, however since they are so isolated, they aren’t really known to live or travel off of their island country.

    Most of them reside in caves since there tends to be a lot of rock and mountain on the island. The people of the caves aren’t really known as friendly, and aren’t known to hesitate to kill if they feel threatened or afraid. 

    Since they rarely see the light of day and stay mostly to themselves in the caves, they have varied pale skin tones. The fur on their ears and tails is known to be matted or in general, quite dirty looking, but this is mostly a stereotype. 

    Most of the world don’t like to acknowledge that they exist and tend to avoid going to the country since they seem to be doing alright on their own.
    However, those of the country have somewhat frequently been popping up in other countries and integrating into the societies.

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