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    About The Country Of Skyuria


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    About The Country Of Skyuria

    Post by jyuchii on Mon Oct 24, 2016 7:58 pm

    This is where the Feliami race had begun, however their ancient native race is rare today and most of them reside in this country.

    Originally called the tribe of albino because those who are of the race and live there mostly all have very light coloured hair (from blonde to white), skin, and eyes. though a lot of immigrants are known to live there as well, and mixed races are starting to pop up frequently in the country. 

    The people of this country are known to be almost seen as royalty by other countries, even if they live in just a simple village. Those who are rich and live in the ancient capital city (which is vast and made up of large almost marble-stone buildings) are known to dress in elegance with silk clothing and extravagant piercings upon their tall pointy ears. 

    Along with tall pointy ears, their tails are skinny and very long however there is a tuff of fur on the end (kind of like a lion’s tail) however once again it can vary due to mixed races
    The people of the country are also known to hold a lot of magical energy in them, though most of it is light/healing magic. 
    In this country resides the ancient temple, which was the very first temple in their world that woshipped some sort of diety. the majority people of Skyuria still follow the beliefs and traditions of the religion to this day. The country is known for the light forests that reside on the large island country, and even has its own island on the coast where a lot of their trade routes come from.

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