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    About The Country Of Iutra


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    About The Country Of Iutra

    Post by jyuchii on Mon Oct 24, 2016 7:55 pm

    A vast and large country, that of the plains is mostly desert and well, plains in the west, however when you move more to the east a lot of light jungles can be found.
    The country is famous for its large volcano in the west, a popular spot for those that have magic residing in them, as well as the geisers. 

    Most people in the country have varying shades of dark skin tones (like African races, though some may have lighter tones that are similar to those of Arab and middle eastern countries). Their ears and tails could be those of a lion, cheetah, or another type of African cat. Though a lot have the ears and tail of a savannah cat or other african/eastern domestic breed. 
    Their villages are quite small and spread out, however the capital city is large along with large buildings and a palace for royalty (like those of other countries).
    Due to food shortage, a lot of plains people have ventured off and out of their country and into the Sutrian territory. 

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